Artistic Picnic at MWW.

We want to invite everyone to celebrate the beginning of the holiday period in MWW together with the Exhibition Starter, within the framework of which we animate exhibitions also during the week. We will honour the beginning of summer with an artistic picnic filled with different educational activities.

What hides in the shadow of the bunker? We will answer this question during our “In the Shadow of Bunker” workshops. The shadow cast on the pavement in front of the museum will be tamed into a colourful form, which we will intuitively fill up with imagined representations. For participants of the picnic we have also planned playing with a world mixer, creating spatial installations from readymade items and a visit to the Self-service Museum, the current editions of which is “Szczepin in the icing of LUXUS” by Patrycja Mastej. During a tour round the LUXUS group exhibition we will discuss what is luxury and why the shelter had been transformed into the warehouse.

The program includes:

– painting the shadow of the shelter

– spatial luxury – constructing installations out of “luxurious items”

– World Mixer

– playing with the interactive installation “Szczepin in the icing of LUXUS” from the Self-service
Museum series

– a visit to the LUXUS group exhibition

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