Intergenerational dance party III

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Od 14.09.2019 do 14.09.2019

Wrocław Contemporary Museum, participants in the Closer to Art. MWW for Seniors series and Wrocław Seniors' Centre invite you to join in the festivities marking the Senior's Day in Wrocław. Having fun together in the open-air has already become a permanent element of these celebrations, which inaugurates the next instalment of the Closer to Art series.

Just like a year ago, dance enthusiasts of all ages will party together. After a successful debut last year, senior Małgorzata Rosak will once again stand behind the DJ console, this time in a duet with DJ Whyba – a member of the regime collective and host of a Radio Luz programme.     Whyba is a radio host, film and music sound engineer. A fan of organic instruments and analogue media, especially vinyl records. He feels most comfortable in the house style, marking his musical roots through samples and vocals associated with soul and hip-hop. Representative of the regime collective, co-responsible for the Uczulenie project and host of a Radio Luz programme.

Małgorzata Rosak is a mother of three and a social activist. She is constantly involved in many initiatives: helping animals, performing at local festivals as a member of the Kryś-Goś sketch comedy duo; since 2017, she has led the group Aktywne Wrocławianki, which functions at the Wrocław Seniors’ Centre and helps children at the Formuła Dobra hospice; she also helps seniors.     Are you interested in learning more about contemporary art by joining the series of meetings Closer to Art? During the dance party, you will have an opportunity to meet regular participants in the series, who will be keen to share their experiences and answer all your questions about the Closer to Art. MWW for Seniors series. Come and talk to us!     * If you have questions, please contact the series organiser, Anna Krukowska: tel. 71 356 42 53

** No prior registration for the dance party is required, but the number of seats is limited.

*** During the celebration of the Senior’s Days between 6 September and 6 October, Wrocław Contemporary Museum offers free admission for all people aged 60+ (free tickets can be picked up at the ticket office).     Co-organiser     The media partner of the event is

Intergenerational dance party III

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