From October to December 2016, we are going to conduct three workshop meetings prepared by artists, educational curators, lecturers of the Academy of Fine Arts and psychologists, which will be addressed to a 20-person group of teachers of primary schools and kindergartens in Wrocław. Thanks to soft and constructive cooperation, we are going to define a new quality of space for education and culture, in which we would like to mutually cooperate.

The character of the meetings will be practical; the proposed solutions will be tailored for concrete educational institutions participating in the project. The programme will also include a series of large-format workshops for children (involving the trainees’ groups/classes).

We extend our invitation to cooperate to teachers of young learners (in kindergartens and early primary schools).

Participation in the project is free (the participants will receive a certificate of completing the training). Please send your applications to by 10 October. More information can be provided by Katarzyna Bury tel. 505 200 997 and Magdalena Skowrońska tel. 71 356 42 53.

Proposed schedule of meetings:

Autumn 2016 edition
>> 19 October, 2016, 3.30 PM
Wrocław Contemporary Museum

>> 9 November, 2016, 3.30 PM
Academy of Fine Arts and Design

>> 7 December, 2016, 3.30 PM
Faculty of Psychology of Wrocław University

>> 14 December, 2016, 4 PM
a conference meeting summarising the project

* the dates of teacher meetings can be changed
** the dates of workshops with children will be arranged in agreement with teachers participating in the project.