Women’s Circles is a cycle in which, inspired by the attitudes of artists featured at the exhibition States of Focus, we raise current and important problems in a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere. During the Women’s Circle, each woman is an expert – it is enough to be ready to listen to other women and share your own experiences. The formula of the cycle refers to informal meetings of women based on the exchange of experiences, mutual inspiration and support, which are organised by women all over the world.

The pretext for the first conversation will be provided Agata Zbylut’s photo series Mommy. In her work, the artist documents the traces left on her body by aesthetic medicine procedures that she regularly undergoes. As she emphasises, every self-portrait confronts her with reality.

How do you perceive your body?
What determines this assessment?
Who is responsible for our complexes? Ourselves? Or maybe modern culture and market mechanisms?
What does the 21st-century canon of beauty look like and is there room for imperfections in it?
How do you react when you receive yet another offer to join a body-improvement workshop?
What effect do hundreds of “perfect” women viewed on Instagram have on your self-esteem?

During the first meeting in the Women’s Circle, dedicated to the regime of beauty, we will together look for answers to these and many other questions.