Living in a group is part and parcel of our everyday existence. We meet each other, pass by, look at each other and cooperate. We talk every day, but what are we actually saying? What are we communicating between the lines?
Inspired by The Ratcatcher exhibition, we would like to look into the phenomenon of community – its sources, threats posed by it, but also its potential and value for contemporary people. The works featured in MWW’s newest exhibition provide an excellent starting point for exploring the subject of human psyche.
During the workshop we will address the issue of communication as a hugely powerful tool, which, if used consciously, can make our lives fuller and better. Additionally, because the workshop will be held inside the museum, our meeting will be permeated with art, which will provide the participants with many artistic sensations.
The workshop will consist of an introductory lecture combined with a discussion, a visit to The Ratcatcher exhibition, and practical exercises.
Workshop led by:
Ewelina Pankowska
has graduated from the Faculty of Acting of the State Theatre School in Wrocław, and in Psychology from Wrocław University. She cooperates with several theatres in Poland, including guest appearances in the Polish Theatre and the TR in Warsaw. She runs workshops for children, teenagers and adults in cooperation with Wrocław Contemporary Museum and the Development Studio.
Mikołaj Zarzycki
has graduated in Psychology from Wrocław University, and in Physiotherapy from the University School of Physical Education. He has run psychological workshops at the Consultation and Psychological Counselling Unit of the Faculty of Psychology of Wrocław University and at Wrocław Contemporary Museum. He is the deputy president of the Parezja Philosophical Psychology Research Club and a member of the Physiotherapy Research Club. He is involved in science, and in his free time he loves painting and holding discussions with his dog and wife.