Living in groups is an indispensable part of living in society. We meet each other, pass by, look at one another and cooperate. A group is the basis for social identity. Although we talk with each other every day, what are we really saying? What do we communicate between the words?

Inspired by Ewa Axelrad’s exhibition “Shtamah” we would like to examine the phenomenon of community – its sources, potentials, the values it carries as well as the ensuing threats.

During the workshop we are going to raise the subject of communication as a powerful tool which, as long as it is properly used, can make our lives fuller and better while protecting us against non-reflexive existence among others.

Since the meeting will be held inside a museum, this interpersonal communication workshop will be special. It will be permeated by art, which is a tool for deepening our understanding of the social reality around us.

The workshop is addressed to people between 16 and 19 years old. It comprises an individual visit to Ewa Axelrad’s exhibition “Shtamah” preceded by an introductory lecture combined with a discussion and followed by practical exercises.

The workshop will be led by Ewelina Pankowska and Mikołaj Zarzycki, fifth year students of Psychology at Wrocław University.
Participation in the workshop is free.
Duration: 4.30-7.30 PM
prior enrolment required: