We would like to invite you to take part in the next edition of the “Exhibition Starter Without Barriers”. For those groups that participated in the spring edition, which was devoted to notions connected with sound, it will be an opportunity to continue their adventure with contemporary art; for others – it may be just the beginning. The character of the workshops is cognitive, therapeutic and aesthetic.

We direct our offer to integrated classes, students with special educational needs, and therapeutic centres for children, teenagers and adults. You may take part in the entire cycle of three thematic meetings or choose one subject that interests you.

The autumn edition of the meetings will focus on different areas of kinetics.

1. Kinetic art: real and illusionary movement

The workshop will be devoted to studying the examples of kinetic artworks. We will think about putting objects in motion in a way that allows for their exhibiting. We will broaden the subjects of kinetics to include a presentation of op-art works, which are often based on mechanisms of visual perception and trigger an illusion of movement. We will also address the following questions: Is stillness possible? (just like we pondered the possibility of silence in the spring edition); How do we perceive the world: statically or dynamically? Would it be possible to view a classical works of art in a kinetic manner, in which the object itself would be in motion, or us, the viewers, would move? The workshop activities will help us answer these questions, and many others.

2. “Pixelosis” – an interactive installation by Patrycja Mastej (opening on 28 October, 2016)

The interactivity of various artistic actions is connected with movement in particular. Having acquainted ourselves with examples of such works/objects/installations, we will begin joint activity in the space of the Self-service Museum, in which we will use small fragments of images – pixels – to make our own large format artwork.

3. Kinetics in action

The meeting will focus on artworks that use movement as a key means of expression. During the workshop we will analyse the phenomenon of kinetics in art on the basis of concrete objects on display at MWW. We will find out that movement, alongside form or colour, can be one of the means of artistic expression. We will then make works which, depending on the way of presentation (static or dynamic), will become carriers of various aesthetic feelings.

Dates of the workshops (prior registration required):
Mondays, 10.30 AM – 12 noon
(it is possible to book a different date by making a prior arrangement by phone)

Joanna Sekuła tel. 501 466 319