The spring series of free workshops in the “Exhibition Starter Without Barriers” programme is addressed
to integrated classes, students with special educational needs and therapy centres
to children, teenagers and adults alike. SOUNDS is the subject that will interest us this spring. All those interested are welcome to take part in the entire cycle of three connected workshops, or in any one
of your choice:

1. Sounds and noises

During the workshop we will learn about the essence and variety of sounds that are ubiquitous in our everyday lives. We will think whether sounds can be perceived with senses other than hearing. We will try to assign sounds to colours, tastes, images
and smells. We will derive inspiration from artworks in which music fulfills an important, sometimes main or only, role. We will also use the untypical interior
of the shelter to create an ephemeral sound installation.

2. “Silence of Sounds” (exhibition running until 30 May, 2016)

The unusual and paradoxical title of the exhibition will lead us into a world of artworks that attempt to come closer to the phenomenon of silence – a space devoid of sounds and emotions. We will look
at artists’ strategies of translating “silence” into
a visual language and how they derive inspiration from the absence of sounds. We will experience “silence” in its most literal sense, and analyse
the metaphors connected with it, which will thus enrich our individual repertoire of experiences
and impressions. After seeing the exhibition, we will make our own objects inspired by the “silence
of sounds”.

3. (Non-)Presence of Sounds

Does silence exist? Many philosophers, musicians, artists and scientists have struggled with this question. Each of them used the language typical
of their field. During the workshop we will face
the immensity and solemnity of silence as well as
the embarrassment it sometimes causes. We will analyse the expressive power of works / creative actions that use silence as a form of expression. We will experience the power of emptiness, which brings respite, prompts reflection, causes anxiety or even irritates. We will cast a close look at how silence is present in our lives, whether while being with other people or alone. Probably the experiments
and the effects of our actions will surprise us.

Dates of workshops:
Mondays, 10.30-noon
(it is possible to book a different time after prior arrangement by phone)

Joanna Sekuła 501 466 319