We would like to cordially invite you to visit the exhibition presenting artworks made by the participants in this year’s workshops for integrated classes and therapeutic centres.

The Exhibition Starter Without Barriers is an artistic-cognitive project for children, teenagers and adults with special educational needs. During 24 meetings in 2016 we focused on the presence of sound and movement in art. The workshops were attended by eight institutions, which address the special needs of their users in different ways:

School Complex no. 12 at the Independent Public Healthcare Centre

Ostoja Lower Silesian Association for Helping Children and Youths (Occupational Therapy Workshop, u. Litomska, and Therapeutic Rehabilitation Centre in ul. Budziszyńska)

Special Training and Education Centre no. 1 in Wrocław

Primary School no. 58 in Wrocław, integrated class

Handicap – Association for the Equal Chances of Children with Lower Fitness

Special Training and Education Centre no. 7, Kindergarten for Children with Special Needs

The Lower Silesian Centre of Mental Health

Twoje Nowe Możliwości Association

Opening: 19 December, 2016 (Monday), 12 noon, at the seat of Wrocław Contemporary Museum at Plac Strzegomski 2A

Exhibition open: 19.12.2016 – 10.01.2017

More about the workshops: spring series / autumn series