Szczepin is a slightly forgotten settlement. Very close to the historical centre of Wrocław, on the Market Place – other districts route, it has lost its identity. During four meetings we are going to try and show you the exceptional character of this place. We are going to use all senses to do that. Let us guide you through Szczepin. Open your eyes wide, strain to hear and breathe the Szczepin air deep in. A sensual meeting with the settlement which agreed to host contemporary art in the former air-raid shelter. Are you ready for an adventure?

18.08. 2013 (Sunday)
25.08. 2013 (Sunday)
From 12.00 noon to 2.00 PM

Somewhere between steel, glass and concrete our life stories intertwine. Imperceptibly, every day we tend to sink into the city tissue. Was Maurice Merleau-Ponty right stating that people and space mutually shape each other? Does the place we live in determine who we are?

A walk through the building of the Wrocław Contemporary Museum will be an experiment, an attempt to get to know not only subsequent floors of the bunker, but also – through focusing on sounds, smells, tastes, textures and kinaesthetic sensations – realising one’s own seating / place in the world.

We invite you to travel inside the belly of the bunker and peripheries of reality – all this to extract knowledge, which permeates our bodies hidden in habits.
The first meeting with the bunker takes place on 18 August, the next one on 25 August. The walk is to start in the subway (in front of the MWW), at 12.00 noon point. The anticipated duration of the meeting is 2 hours. Every time 16 people are invited to take part in the workshop. Please send your entries until 16 August to Bartek Lis , indicating the preferred date.


Free entrance