We are inviting you to an exceptional walk around Szczepin settlement in Wrocław, to take place on 15 September 2013. On this day two groups will set off for a walk with two alternative routes, with the intention to discover places and circumstances that are worth taking photographs. The first group meets at dawn, and the second one in the evening at the sunset. Both keep thjeir fingers crossed to have a good weather…
The walks aims at developing skills of participants in taking pictures of the city space and architecture through drawing their attention to its detail, geometry and aspects related to the use of natural lighting and framing.
06:24, East: “Rybacka” route starts at dawn and leads to the east of the former Przedmieście Mikołajskie part of the city. Once we get there… we set our alarm clocks to wake up in an hour and a half. In the morning pace one can leisurely have a look at lonely tenants, old premises and Szczepin waking up.
19:09, West: “Słubicka” route leads to the west of Szczepin, between modernist architecture and few buildings that were saved from the 2nd WW destruction. Walking down Słubicka Street we will get to a part of a pre-war Westend settlement, which survived the siege despite the fact, that one of the largest panzer battles of Festung Breslau took place in its vicinity.
Sensual Szczepin: East / West opens the first chapter of Wrocław Photowalks, prepared by the WSS PANATO Atelier from Wrocław. During the walk the participants find out about the history of the visited places and obtain technical hints on using photography equipment and creating one’s own artistic projects.
Leading person: Paweł A. Kowalski, born in 1988. A photographer of the city space, interested in its all pervasive tissue. He prefers to discovers places usually omitted by city guides and this is where he usually looks for its attractivity. A graduate of Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, PANATO Atelier member. www.pakowalski.com / www.panato.org