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The therapeutic power of art 01.12.18 (sobota), godz. 15.00–18.00, poziom I (Saturday), 3.00–6.00 pm, 1st floor

Have you ever been moved or outraged by art, or perhaps you have experienced an epiphany while looking at an artwork? The tendency to project one’s thoughts, emotions or behaviours on an artwork makes it possible to perceive contents that can transform the viewer. Experiencing art is a peculiar exercise in mindfulness, which can therefore be practiced and used in everyday life.
The workshop participants will learn about works that were made with the intention of exerting therapeutic influence. After that, they will do exercises to stimulate their senses and finally they will create objects capable of helping us to come to terms with our own emotions.
The starting point for work on the subject of the therapeutic influence of art and its potential uses will be provided by the exhibition Meditations of Fibonacci + The Corduroy bunny | Facing Katarzyna Kobro (1898–1951).
Magdalena Skowrońska
is an art coach and psychologist who runs sensual workshops. She is involved in pro-community projects that strengthen the sense of cohesion by using creative methods. In cooperation with Patrycja Mastej, she designs interactive exhibitions that expose the viewer/user to art. She co-creates the Valley of Harmony, a personal development centre in the Izerskie Mountains. From 2014 to 2017 she was the curator of the educational programme at Wrocław Contemporary Museum.

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Wstęp bezpłatny

Warsztaty przeznaczone są
dla uczestników
powyżej 16 roku życia

Obowiązują zapisy (do 29.11):

towarzyszące wystawie
"Medytacje Fibonacciego +
Sztruksowy zając | wobec
Katarzyny Kobro (1898–1951)"
Participation free of charge

The workshop is addressed to people above 16 years old

Prior enrolment necessary
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The event accompanies the "Meditations of Fibonacci + The Corduroy bunny | facing Katarzyna Kobro (1898–1951)"
il. Patrycja Mastej il. Patrycja Mastej
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