— the activity is dedicated to children aged 4–9 and their guardians
— each meeting lasts about 30 minutes
— admission to the workshops is free – registration required. We accept applications (until 9.10.2020, 4 p.m.) via application form >>>
We invite the youngest enthusiasts of art to discover the exhibition Red. Exposure to Colour.

Together, we will feel the power of this energising colour while taking part in a theatrical adventure. We will have a go at leg jumping and tongue twisters, and, if necessary, we will lie down together to rest. All this to the accompaniment of shouts, drums and rattles.

The activities will be led by actor Tadeusz Rybicki and interdisciplinary artist Gustaw Małecki on the basis of Rybicki’s book Szelest w pyszczku.
Gustaw Małecki is an interdisciplinary artist, actor of the Teatr Czterech at the Four Domes Pavilion in Wrocław, organiser of cultural events in the Mikavka gallery-cafe in Jelenia Góra. He teaches creativity at the Forest School in Kopaniec and the Mandala free school in Jelenia Góra.

Tadeusz Rybicki is a director, actor, writer, graduate of the State Higher School of Theatre in Wrocław. Co-founder and actor of the Cinema Theatre, founder and director of the Pracownia Prowincja Theatre and the Karawana art therapy theatre of the addicted. Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has been running theatre and dance workshops, also for children.
We accept applications via the application form >>>

We accept applications until 9.10.2020, 4 p.m.

In case of resignation from participation in the workshop, please inform us at least three days in advance – this is the only way for participants entered on the reserve list to take part in the classes.

During the workshop, children are looked after by their parents, who also participate in the activities.

The meeting point for workshop participants is in the corridor on the ground floor of the Museum, five minutes before the start of the selected session.
The event is co-organised by Klinika Lalek Theatre / Foundation for the Support of Alternative and Ecological Cultures.