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Interactive Exhibition – Externalizer – Patrycja Mastej 19.09.14–11.10.15 Wernisaż 19.09.2014, g.18.30

A snail’s soft body has produced a shell to protect it. Like a snail, people sometimes lock themselves
up and stiffen when the outside world seems hostile. The body then becomes a shell which contains
suppressed emotions.

The spiral interior of the MWW shelter brings
to mind a shell filled with floors. Its initial protective
function has nowadays secondary importance.
Today, the shelter shelters art. What does it shelter
it from? The thick concrete walls repress the body, which shrinks and looks for ways to break free…

Patrycja Mastej inspired by butoh dance intuitively cut up fragments of human body depictions, which will free the expression of petrified
movements and postures. The shape oozing out
from the shell will trigger a cascade of melodies
that will shroud us. Wrapped up in sound, we will immerse into the soft seats and abandon verticality
in favour of horizontality to admire the emotional landscape revealed by the installation.

When a snail abandons its shell, it comes into dialogue with the external world. Almost blind and
totally deaf, it uses its soft body to absorb impulses with all its surface. Inside the shelter, we will find
a similar space where we could express ourselves. Hidden from the world inside the concrete shell,
we will be given an opportunity to break the anabiosis, relax the muscles and open up.


Kuratorka Curator Magdalena Skowrońska Materiały do pobrania Download files # Rozrusznik wystawy, tekst Magdalena Skowrońska, ilustracje Patrycja Mastej # Exhibition starter, text Magdalena Skowrońska, illustrations Patrycja Mastej Published on:2.09.14 Share: Facebook, Twitter
Autorka wystawy:
Patrycja Mastej

Interaktywna kompozycja muzyczna: Maciej Markowski

Projekt elektroniki:
Sebastian Sobótka

Samoobsługowe Muzeum - przestrzeń interaktywna na II poziomie MWW jest dostępna dla wszystkich, bez ograniczeń wiekowych w godzinach otwarcia muzeum.

Program realizowany ze środków Ministerstwa Kultury
i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.
Author: Patrycja Mastej

Interactive music composition: Maciej Markowski

Electronics: Sebastian Sobótka

The Self-service Museum - an interactive space on the 2nd floor of MWW is available to all visitors during the opening hours of the museum.

The programme is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
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