We kindly invite the teachers to participate in a workshop meetings with contemporary art, organized by the educational department of DTZSP [The Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts]. Admission to the workshops is free.

Our activities concentrate on cherishing childlike imagination that allows a fresh outlook on the world. Young people’s perception lets us define reality according to individual feelings. Each meeting features games with specially designed objects and images, which make us notice the ambiguity of the visual world. We emphasize the importance of active experience of the creative process.  Common activities generate a discussion, fascination with mutual distinctness and multiplicity of possible solutions.

Subjects of autumn meetings:
–Identity of Place
–Transformation of Space
–Graphic Map of Local Sound.

Workshops developed and carried out by:  Joanna Sekuła, Patrycja Mastej

Registration:  Joanna Sekuła, mobile: 501 466 319, info@warsztatsztuki.pl

Venue: MWW, Strzegomski Sq., the workshops (1,5h) take place every Monday morning