We kindly invite to the contemporary art workshops organized by the educational department of DTZSP [The Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts] warsztatsztuki.pl. On September we launch a new ‘Expression Workshop’ studio. The workshops are addressed to all individuals interested in creating art. The program was conceived for adult art enthusiasts wishing to discover its liberating power themselves. Together we will form a support group for emerging and unusual forms of artistic creativity. We will learn about contemporary artists and their work, and broaden our idea of possibilities for artistic expression.

Venue: Wrocław Contemporary Museum, shelter at 2a Strzegomski Sq.

Workshops are conducted by Patrycja Mastej and Alicja Grabarczyk

Registration: pat.mas@wp.pl

The series comprises of 10 workshop meetings (2h each).

The workshops take place on Thursdays at 4PM