In the upcoming series of workshops, we will continue our interest in the connections between
nature and art. We would like to invite you to three meetings devoted to earth. The context
of the workshop will be provided by two exhibitions
at MWW – “New art for new society”, a display
of the contemporary Croatian art form the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb,
and “In Earth”, which is the newest version
of the interactive installation in the Self­service
Museum by the Wrocław­based artist Patrycja Mastej.

During the first meeting, we will look at earth
at a time when the flora and fauna are about to
hibernate for the winter. We will focus on the visual richness of the changes occurring
in the deeper parts of the soil, which we usually fail to notice. We will take a close look at the fascinating
and visually stunning life processes that take place under the ground. We will use our imagination
to see that which is invisible to the naked eye,
and then we will endow the images with a visual
form while playing with the variety of the organic world. We will have a chance to create
a colourful and mysterious “Secret”, which will become part of the underground riches of the green
area near MWW.

The second meeting will revolve around the “New art for a new society” exhibition. We will look at
the Croatian artists’ search for inspiration in subjects connected with earth. The third meeting will include animated fun in the interactive space of the Self­service Museum, whose this year’s version is titled
“In Earth”. We will focus on multisensory creation – inspiration will be provided not just by visual stimuli, but also through sound, touch, movement, or maybe
even taste.

Please select the dates (one for each of the meetings) and confirm your booking by phone:
501 466 319 (Joanna Sekuła)

Meeting I
The time when the invisible changes – life processes under the ground.
14.09.2015, 21.09.2015, 28.09.2015, 05.10.2015

Meeting II
New Art for New Society. Analysis of selected artworks
12.10.2015, 19.10.2015, 26.10.2015, 02.11.2015

Meeting III
Action in the space of Patrycja Mastej’s interactive installation “In Earth”
09.11.2015, 16.11.2015, 23.11.2015, 30.11.2015

Participation in the workshops is free of charge. Prior registration is required.