This spring, we would like to invite you to three workshop meetings devoted to issues connected with earth. The context will be provided by two exhibitions on show at MWW:


During the first meeting, we will perceive earth with all our senses to realise its structural, visual and olfactory diversity. We will analyse its properties as well as the possible states of aggregation. Using creative actions such as kneading, moulding and rolling, we will give earth different shapes. This workshop will include a visit to the “Earth” exhibition.

The second meeting will be devoted to the concept of earth against a broader context. We will look at it from the point of view of people’s relations with nature and different mythologies, especially Slavic beliefs that are an important part of our cultural heritage. In the practical part, we will design an action that will be carried out during our third meeting, which will take place in the urban space. This workshop will include a visit to the “AGNIESZKA BRZEŻAŃSKA — ZIEMIA RODZINNA/MA TERRA” exhibition.

The workshops will take place on the following days:

Meetings in the series “Earth”: 16.03, 23.03, 30.03, 13.04
Meetings in the series “Agnieszka Brzeżańska — Ziemia Rodzinna/Ma Terra”: 20.04, 27.04, 04.05, 11.05
Actions in the city space: 18.05, 25.05, 01.06, 08.06
The meetings will be held on Mondays from 10.30 AM to 12 noon (except 16.03, exceptionally 12.45 PM – 14.15 PM).

Advance booking is necessary. Please call 501 466 319 (Joanna Sekuła).
Participation in the workshops is free of charge.