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Literary workshop by Inga Iwasiów. “Clothes — the body’s home”. 16.03.14 Niedziela, godz.12.00, Beautiful Tube Sunday, 12 noon, Beautiful Tube

Drawing upon Yinka Shonibare’s “Selected Works” and the “Houses as Silver as Tents” exhibition, Inga Iwasiów has proposed a literary exercise on the subject of clothes. How important are clothes for us? What sensations do they provide, what do they reveal and protect? Can cultural norms, our local dress code, be shattered by means of an individual choice? What area do we explore when we decide to buy second-hand clothes or high street store offerings? Is it possible to create a narrative about our individual and collective identity devoid of pop-culture fashionese as well as free from cheap nationalistic sentiments?
The workshop leader would like to invite you to write down your fantasies about clothes, choosing and putting on the right outfit, the contact of skin and the fabric, your reflection in the mirror and in the eyes of passersby. Ask yourself the question: do I want to express something with my appearance, or maybe avoid the need to manifest anything? Maybe we are about to discover a new ethics of the fabric we use to make our clothes, a new tale about colour, richness and modesty, coldness and warmth.

Kurator Curator Bartek Lis Published on:12.02.14 Share: Facebook, Twitter
Prosimy o przygotowanie fragmentów prozy do 5 stron znormalizowanego maszynopisu. Liczba uczestników warsztatu: do 10 osób. Wszystkie teksty powinny zostać nadesłane do dn. 10 marca na adres:

Inga Iwasiów - polska literaturoznawczyni, krytyk literacki, poetka i prozaiczka, od 1999 redaktor naczelna dwumiesięcznika literackiego "Pogranicza”.
Please send in fragments of prose, up to five pages of standard typescript. The maximum number of the workshop participants is ten people. All texts must be sent by 10 March to:

Inga Iwasiów is a literary scholar and critic, a poet and a prose writer. Sine 1999 she has been the editor-in-chief of a bimonthly literary magazine “Pogranicza”.
fot. Jana Sagatova, Textile corsage polka dots, Creative Commons photo.: Jana Sagatova, Textile corsage polka dots, Creative Commons
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