What texture, consistency and temperature can earth have? We often forget about it. Culture and civilization made us put on shoes and warm socks. They have separated us from earth. Art, however, can provide us with an interesting pretext to “return to earth”.

This return will be literal because earth will be the main subject of our meeting. To experience it, we will mostly use our feet. We have prepared a series of exercises-experiments for you, which will become a new way of experiencing art and the world around us. On this day, we will all take off our socks and work barefoot!

Are you ready to return to childhood, walk barefoot and open up to new tactile stimuli, other than those experienced with your hands?

We encourage visually impaired people to participate in the workshop – in the application form, please inform us if you are a blind person. We will help you reach the venue of the workshop (Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Plac Strzegomski 2a).

Bartek Lis
Magdalena Skowrońska