…its possibilities are just about to open up…
/fragment of Tony Cragg’s statement about sculpture/

The workshop invites the participants to express emotions through a peculiar material – clay. Sometimes submissive and susceptible to the influence of external factors, it can be freely moulded; at other times, it is capricious, stubborn and resisting any attempts to be tamed. Once we have accepted its character and respected its uniqueness, a broad spectrum of possibilities will open up. Because working with clay is co-working.

The task will be based on modeling a simple module and then replicating it. Individual elements may undergo any number of transformations or deformations. The key to the task can take up the form of an emotion, season, scent, element or an ephemeral phenomenon that will later be interpreted and transferred into the world of solids, structures and colours.

Being a primeval form of expression, clay modeling encourages us to look at us from within. Look at us and for us. No special tools are needed. The only tools are your body and imagination. The workshop area will help because there is no telephone reception there.

Karina Marusińska (b. 1983) is an interdisciplinary artist, teacher and socio-cultural animator. She works at the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass of Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She is a member of Food Think Tank, the Łuhuu! group of performers and the non-existent design collective Wzorowo.