All parents with their children are welcome to join us each Sunday at 1:30 PM. All workshops take one hour and consist of two parts. First, we visit the up-to-date exhibition together and we talk about the works presented there. During the second part of the workshop we take up manual activities that enable everybody to creatively use their awaken sensitivity and imagination.

6.11.2016 A FLAT CUBE

Alongside Eugeniusz Geppert, the founder of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, one of the members of the Gepperts artist family was Zbigniew. During the Sunday meeting we will have an opportunity to look at some of his paintings. We will think about the principles of Cub’art. In the practical part, we are going to use geometrical shapes and three chosen colours to make our own paintings.

13.11.2016 Workshop cancelled

20.11.2016 THE (IN)VISIBLE

Living in a big city full of noise, cars and rush, we often fail to take note of the reality in which we live, work or play. Meanwhile, places that we forget or ignore may hide interesting stories. During the meeting we will ask ourselves if it makes sense to observe the spaces where we live in order to perceive their details. After that, we will go on a photographic walk in search of places that we usually ignore. The workshop will finish with a display of photos and a makeshift exhibition. The participants are asked to bring photo cameras or mobile phones with cameras.

27.11.2016 SUPERHEROES

Have you ever seen a superwoman or a superman? Maybe one of them helped you when you were in trouble? She or he must have been brave, intrepid and had superhuman powers… This workshop will be devoted to conversations about superheroes – those from cartoons or comics, and those we come across every day. We will think who are role models are and how to become one. In the practical part, we will pretend that we are heroes with superhuman abilities. The workshop will finish with a comixophone (drawing coupled with sound), and in the end we will make a comic book together.

Information about future workshops to be released soon.

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