Women’s Circles is a cycle in which, inspired by the attitudes of artists featured at the exhibition States of Focus, we raise current and important problems in a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere. During the Women’s Circle, each woman is an expert – it is enough to be ready to listen to other women and share your own experiences. The formula of the cycle refers to informal meetings of women based on the exchange of experiences, mutual inspiration and support, which are organised by women all over the world.

The pretext for the next discussion will be provided by the work Dialectics of Subjection #4 by Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová. In their video, the artists lie in bed, laugh and talk about the sexual attractiveness of heads of state. The situation in which young and attractive women judge men in power according to their sexiness is not only a reversal of the relationship regarded as a natural state of affairs. More importantly, the artists show how easy and common – although rarely done in public – it is for women to assess men only in terms of their attractiveness.

Inspired by the artists’ sincerity, during the next meeting we will talk about stereotypes surrounding female sexuality. We will examine the language and ways of speaking about our bodies and think whether friendship between women creates the opportunity to freely talk about sex. Or perhaps we are more often accompanied by a sense of loneliness? What are we ashamed of? What can stop us from being honest? Can talking about sex be fun? How often do we allow ourselves to do it? Can we, like the Chitka duo, judge men through the prism of their physical attractiveness without being embarrassed? These are just some of the questions provoked by the artists that we will address during the next meeting in the Women’s Circle series.