They say you can’t do many things in a museum.
In our museum, you can. You very much can.

On Slow Art Day, we will not only see an exhibition. We will become a tribe. We will gather together to spend time with each other and indulge ourselves… Catch a breath. Be on or off form. Talk or be silent. Enjoy the play of looking for meanings in an exhibition.

During this year’s edition of Slow Art Day, we have purposefully decided not to select people responsible for talking about the exhibition. It is us who are going to single out five artworks and talk about them in a different way. Our audience will be those who will come later.

We will lie down, squat, kneel and jump.
In fact, we will do much more.
We will also eat. Because we can.


According to statistical research, an average museum-goer spends eight seconds looking at each artwork. Eight seconds is in fact just a cursory glance that does not allow for any reflection and leaves the viewer indifferent to what they have just seen. Having looked in this way at a large number of pieces, visitors associate museums and art galleries with visual chaos and exhaustion resulting from passive reception of art, which does not broaden experience in any new or pleasant way. The idea of Slow Art is intended to provide a counterbalance to this pointless and common way of visiting art institutions. Slow Art is savouring art, being open to what it brings and finding inspiration – after all, providing inspiration is one of the basic functions of a museum.

Slow Art Day activities are part of a national campaign, which in turn is the Polish edition of the international Slow Art Day.