The contemporary amateur photographer is more likely to associate a negative with a function in graphic editing software than a light-sensitive material. However, it was the latter that gave rise to the entire discipline. In the early days of photography, the developed light-sensitive film attracted more attention than the print itself.

Inspired by Elżbieta Tejchman’s advice given to budding photographers in the Fotografia monthly, during the workshop we are going to assume the role of amateur photographers from the time before the digital era. We will expose and develop a film, and then subject it to various manipulations – copying, retouching or enlarging. The workshop participants will use a special notebook with old newspaper and course book clippings, which – having been enriched with the effects of our work – will become a unique object-notebook of an amateur photographer.

Karol Krukowski (b. 1980) is a photographer, photo editor and teacher. He uses photography in different fields of art, especially in combination with text. He runs workshops devoted to photography and publishing strategies.
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