An Exhibition for You is a place of close contact with art. Each of the five exhibitions scheduled for the coming months will allow you to encounter a different work from the international collection of contemporary art of Wrocław Contemporary Museum and the Zachęta Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts.

Regardless of your age, knowledge about art and mood, we invite you to experience art and have fun with it. Do whatever you wish: read the flyer to learn more about the work, leave a token of your creativity in the exhibition space, talk about the work or just look at it. Take your time, there is only one work for you!

We begin the series with the presentation of Franciszka Themerson’s painting from 1972 titled A Person I Know. This Polish artist lived in 1907–1988. She created illustrations, paintings and films. For many years she worked in a duet with her husband Stefan. They made films together, and later founded the first avant-garde publishing house. They spent most of their lives in Great Britain.

Franciszka was known for her ability to illustrate interpersonal relationships and feelings with a single line. Her characteristically spare style of drawing was also reflected in her paintings.

The painting A Person I Know is made of twisted and overlapping lines. Do you see the outlines of human faces in them? How many faces can you see? What do they express? What have they experienced? The artist worked spontaneously, on the spur of the moment, evoking feelings that are usually well hidden. What emotions does the painting A Person I Know awaken in you?

Upcoming Exhibitions for You:
– Joanna Pawlik, Song
– Zofia Kulik, Ambassadors of the Past
– Kama Sokolnicka, Relations / Microstatics
– an exhibition of works by the audience.

Would you like to get involved in creating one of the Exhibitions for You? Join the team co-creating the exhibition of the audience’s works! Write to us at

Visual identification: Karolina Pietrzyk