The starting point for the series of workshops addressed to young women artists will be provided by the publication Zawód artystka. Ćwiczenia z pracą [Being a woman artist. Exercises with work], which is the result of a social innovation project carried out by Future Simple, a Warsaw-based artist collective (Paulina Czapska and Anna Szapert), and the experiences of two participants in the first edition of the programme – Natalia Gołubowska and Magdalena Kreis.

If you photograph, paint, write, play, design – you initiate creative activities and you can become involved in the project!

During a series of meetings with Natalia Gołubowska, Magdalena Kreis and Anna Krukowska, we will look at both ourselves and the great artists featured in the exhibition States of Focus, who may turn out to become our role models.

We will discuss how to plan creative work, examine our own creative resources and try to talk to the critic inside us. We will put together money and art. We will set up a network of support and mutual exchange.

Check if you can participate in the five scheduled meetings.

Fill in the form [PL] and send it to us by 15 May, noon.

We will select ten participants who will form the first closed group “Being a woman artist – the Wrocław group.”