Education in our Museum

Wrocław is a city of meetings - in our Museum, contemporary art meets the city's history and culture. Our museum is a "shelter" for art, where you will find inspiration, knowledge and entertainment.

Rich educational offer for various age groups - that's our offer!


We invite children to art workshops, games and activities that develop creativity, imagination and manual skills.

Children can learn about interesting works of art, create their own works and play artists.


Art and workshops about art for primary, middle and high school students.

Our classes are adapted to the level and curriculum, as well as to the individual needs and expectations of a given group.

Students can learn about the history and relevance of contemporary art, as well as the work of artists associated with Wrocław.

Workshops allow you to practically use the acquired knowledge and experiment with various techniques and materials.


We offer a series of meetings and lectures devoted to contemporary art and its contexts. The meetings are led by experts, curators and artists who present the topics of the museum's exhibitions, collections and archives.

Learn more about current trends and issues in art, as well as ask questions and discuss with the hosts.


We invite our Seniors to special tours of exhibitions and collections that are tailored to their needs and capabilities.

Seniors can admire and comment on works of art, as well as share their memories and experiences related to Wrocław and its history.

The tour can be supplemented with workshops where seniors can express themselves artistically and create their own works.

Rich educational offer for various age groups.

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Trwają prace modernizacyjne

Nasza strona ma już nową szatę graficzną i możesz już z niej korzystać. Musimy jednak jeszcze kilka rzeczy poprawić, aby stała się lepsza.

Jeśli widzisz na stronie jakąś nieprawidłowość, będziemy wdzięczni, jeśli ją nam zgłosisz.

Przepraszamy za niedogodności.


Przypomnimy Ci o tym za 15 minut.