Pablo Ramírez González „Plantifictions"

temporary ehxibition
Od 21.09.2023 do 31.12.2023
Curator Daniela Tagowska

Plantifictions is a speculative fabulation created at the junction of ancient Mesoamerican materialities and a contemporaneity haunted by the colonial past of the plants from the Global South. It is a practice of worldmaking based on expanded concept of kinship including non-human entities.

Pablo Ramírez González juxtaposes ancient ceramic techniques with contemporary bio-technologies and incorporates them into a vital mesh of matter. Referring to the history of slavery, land appropriation, monocultures, cloning and genetic modification of plants, Pablo reaches for unprecedented materials that enable the conduction of electricity and uses biodata transforming the audiovisual environments of his installations. In the space of the exhibition, the viewer has a possibility to experience an altered becoming-with nature within a structure in which myth and science function in the same cognitive framework.

The exhibition opens a space of reflection on possible scenarios for decolonial futures based on nonhierarchical interspecies relationships and communication between the humans and more-than-human. It's a space in which plants, ceramic artifacts, and technologies build post-natural entanglements in favor of alternative ways of narrating the past, the present and the future.


Pablo Ramírez González (México, 1990) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher currently based in Wrocław, Poland, where he is a Ph.D. candidate at the Doctoral School in the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design.

His practice focused on exploring counter-worlds where science and myth intertwine to convey speculative fictions beyond contemporary coloniality, often leading him to create interventions, dioramas, sculptures, and immersive environments. His transdisciplinary practice refers to Afro and Indigenous-Futurism as well as Mesoamerican cosmologies and their perspectives on material agency, the more-than-human, and relational ontologies. He is interested in Black and Indigenous Ecologies, and the Epistemologies of the South as fields that can render radical imagination for invoking “other” possible futures. His research methodologies are rooted in decolonial "worldmaking", in which he uses fiction as means to build multispecies stories that resist and overcome the regime of necropolitics.

Pablo is co-founder of the collective Los Salvajes and Alquimia Social project. He has been awarded by AirWro OverdueTimeOff (2021), Symposium of Contemporary Art in México (PAC)(2021); and granted with: CoNACYT scholarship of the National Council of Science and Technology (2017-2021). He has presented works through art residencies (Acasa da Hundorf), at individual exhibitions (e.g. Forma Otwarta, Olesnica, La Cave, Cluj RO, Domie Gallery, Poznan PL; Project Room, Valencia, SP; El Amate, Cuernavaca, MX; City Museum, Cuernavaca, MX) and collective ones (Oronsko Triennale, Survival Art Review, Wrocław, PL; Geppart Gallery, Wrocław, PL; IntraMurs, Valencia, ESP; Palmera Ardiendo, Cuernavaca, MX).

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Pablo Ramírez González „Plantifictions

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