Statutes of the Wrocław Contemporary Museum


§ 1.

The Wrocław Contemporary Museum, hereinafter referred to as the "Museum", operates in particular on the basis of:

  1. Act of November 21, 1996 on museums (Journal of Laws of 1997, No. 5, item 24, as amended), hereinafter referred to as the "Act on museums",
  2. Act of October 25, 1991 on organizing and conducting cultural activities (Journal of Laws of 2001, No. 13, item 123, as amended), hereinafter referred to as the "Act on organizing and conducting cultural activities" ,
  3. Act of June 30, 2005 on public finances (Journal of Laws No. 249, item 2104, as amended), hereinafter referred to as the "Act on public finances",
  4. of this statute.

§ 2.

  1. The organizer of the Museum is the Wrocław Commune.
  2. The Museum is a municipal cultural institution which acquires legal personality upon entry into the Register of Cultural Institutions kept by the Organizer.
  3. The seat of the Museum is the city of Wrocław, and its area of operation is the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad.
  4. The organizer provides the funds needed to maintain and develop the Museum.

§ 3.

The museum uses a round seal with the coat of arms of Wrocław in the center and the name around it: "Wrocław Contemporary Museum".


§ 4.

The aim of the Museum is the activities specified in Article 1 of the Act on Museums, in particular the creation and presentation of an international collection of contemporary art in the context of Polish and international art of the second half of the 20th century.

§ 5.

  1. The Museum pursues the objectives specified in § 4, in particular by:
    1. collecting works of art and documentary materials within the scope of its activities by purchasing them, through donations, bequests and accepting deposits,
    2. cataloging and scientific processing of collected collections and documentation materials,
    3. preparing, publishing and disseminating publications related to its activities,
    4. conducting exhibition and promotional activities in Poland and abroad,
    5. conducting scientific and educational activities, making collections available for scientific and educational purposes,
    6. storing the collected collections in conditions that ensure their safety and proper condition,
    7. preservation of existing collections,
    8. lending collections in accordance with applicable regulations,
    9. making the collected collections available to Polish and foreign audiences by organizing temporary exhibitions and creating a permanent exhibition of the Museum,
    10. initiating and conducting activities in the field of dissemination of culture, in particular in the field of popularizing art problems for a wide audience,
    11. organizing or co-organizing meetings, conventions and conferences related to the substantive scope of its activities,
    12. conducting other cultural, educational and research activities related to the scope of activity,
    13. participation in cultural events of other institutions,
    14. exchanging exhibitions with other museums and institutions, including foreign ones.
  2. The Museum can achieve its goals through cooperation with Polish and foreign cultural, educational and scientific institutions, state and local government administration bodies, non-governmental organizations, media, as well as other persons and organizational units without legal personality.
  3. The Museum participates in the implementation of tasks resulting from government and local government strategies and programs.


§ 6.

General supervision over the Museum is exercised by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, and directly by the Mayor of Wrocław.

§ 7.

  1. The Museum has a Museum Council, whose 12 members are appointed and dismissed by the Mayor of Wrocław.
  2. The Museum Council operates within the scope specified in Article 11 of the Act on Museums.

§ 8.

  1. The Museum is managed by the Director, who is appointed and dismissed by the Mayor of Wrocław on the terms and in the manner provided for in applicable regulations.

§ 9.

  1. The Director manages the Museum and represents it externally.
  2. The scope of activities of the Museum director includes in particular:
    1. management in matters of core business, organizational, administrative, financial and technical matters,
    2. supervision of the Museum's collections, deposits and assets,
    3. presenting material and financial plans, reports and financial and investment applications to relevant institutions and the Organizer,
    4. ensuring the rational and effective management of available financial and material resources,
    5. issuing orders, regulations and instructions in the applicable manner,
    6. concluding and terminating employment contracts with Museum employees and making decisions resulting from the employment relationship.
  3. The director's responsibilities include carrying out preparatory, program and investment work aimed at completing the process of organizing the Museum, building its final headquarters, opening the permanent exhibition in the new Museum facility created as a result of the investment, and making the Museum available to the public.
  4. The internal organization of the Museum and the scope of tasks of the Museum's organizational units are determined by the organizational regulations issued by the director, subject to Art. 13 section 3 of the Act on organizing and conducting cultural activities.

§ 10.

The Director manages the Museum with the help of his deputy or deputies, whom he appoints and dismisses, after obtaining the opinion of the Mayor of Wrocław.


§ 11.

  1. The Museum conducts financial management in accordance with the principles specified in the Act on organizing and conducting cultural activities and other regulations, in particular in the Act on public finances.
  2. The assets of the Museum may be used only to achieve the purposes arising from the scope of the Museum's operations.

§ 12.

The Museum's activities are financed from the budget of the Wrocław Commune, its own activities, funds received from natural and legal persons, as well as from other sources.


§ 13.

  1. The Museum may conduct additional business activities in accordance with the principles specified in applicable regulations.
  2. The activities specified in section 1 may be carried out in the scope of:
    1. sale of publications, souvenirs and cultural industry products,
    2. paid organization of cultural, scientific and educational events, including screenings, performances, concerts, advertising shows, conferences and tourist services,
    3. providing publishing services,
    4. preparing opinions, expertise and documentation in the field of activities specified in the statute,
    5. conservation, reproduction and research services
    6. renting rooms for purposes that would not interfere with the core activities of the Museum.
  3. Income from the Museum's business activities may be used only to finance its core statutory activities.

§ 14.

To make declarations on behalf of the Museum regarding property and financial rights and obligations, the cooperation of two people is required, i.e. the Director and the Chief Accountant or persons authorized by them.


§ 15.

  1. The merger, division or liquidation of the Museum is carried out by the Wrocław City Council under the conditions and in the manner provided for in applicable regulations.
  2. This statute, in accordance with Art. 6(3) of the Act on Museums, is valid until the process of organizing the Museum is completed, i.e. until the opening date of the permanent exhibition.
  3. Changes to the statute may be made in the manner specified for its granting.

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