With deep regret we received the information that
Dr Andrzej Jarosz died on 10 December 2019.
Director of Wrocław Contemporary Museum,
art historian, critic and curator,
assistant professor at the Institute of Art History
of the University of Wrocław.

We express our deepest sympathy
to family and friends
and all those who will remember Dr Andrzej Jarosz

Employees of Wrocław Contemporary Museum
Dr Andrzej Jarosz (1971–2019) was Director of Wrocław Contemporary Museum in the years 2017–2019. He was an art historian, critic and curator, assistant professor at the Institute of Art History of the University of Wrocław in the Modern Art Department.

Member of the Association of Art Historians and the Foundation for Impossible Art. Editor-in-chief of the Artistic Milieu of Wrocław publishing series. Producer, supervisor and curator of many exhibitions (e.g. at Wrocław Contemporary Museum, BWA Awangarda – Galleries of Contemporary Art Wrocław, Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, Domek Romański Lower Silesian Centre of Photography).

In the years 2014–2017 he was a member of the audit committee of the Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts, assistant director in charge of the programme at BWA Wrocław in the years 2001–2003. Secretary of the “Quart” Scientific Quarterly of the Institute of Art History (in the years 2006–2015), member of the editorial committee of “Annals of Silesian Art”.

Organiser of international scientific conferences: “Stanisław Lem – a visionary of happy and unhappy worlds. Reception of his works in fine arts, cinema, literature and art criticism” (2015) and “Józef Czapski. On the 20th anniversary of death” (2013).

Author of six books and dozens of scientific articles, essays, exhibition reviews and catalogue entries on contemporary art. Promoter of contemporary art (in the years 2001–2015 he gave over a dozen open lectures, including “On looking and seeing”, The Grotowski Institute, Wrocław, 2014; “Deconstruction of painting”, from the series “This terrible contemporary art”, University of Wrocław, 2014; “ Painterliness in Julien Gracq’s novel The Opposing Shore, Association of Art Historians, Wrocław, 2011; “ Hanna Krzetuska’s painting”, Association of Art Historians, Cracow, 2008).