Museum’s opening hours:

Monday: 12–18
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday–Friday: 12–18
Saturday: 12–20
Sunday: 12–18

The Café Muzeum is open from 12 to 20, every day except Tuesdays.

Due to the ongoing epidemic, in addition to the current Tour Regulations [click], the following recommendations shall apply to Visitors.



  1. The Museum can only be visited to see the exhibitions and participate in events organized by MWW.
  2. The Museum is open to Visitors every day, except Tuesday, from 12 noon to 6pm.
  3. There may be a maximum of 52 visitors to exhibitions inside the building at any time (excluding the Museum employees). Visitors above the limit will not be allowed into the building until the number of people inside the Museum decreases.
  4. The Museum not offer guided tours for large groups (over 10 people).
  5. Before entering the Museum, hands and gloves (if the Visitor has their own) should be disinfected.
  6. Visitors’ temperature will be measured before entering the Museum. If your temperature is above 37.5°C, you will not be allowed to enter.
  7. Each person entering the building, except for people who voluntarily show a covid pass (EU Covid Certificate), will be asked to fill in a statement with their current contact details to facilitate contact in the event of an outbreak of infections. You can print out the form on your own and bring the completed form to the Museum. Click here to download the form.
  8. It is allowed to stay on the premises of the Museum only with your mouth and nose covered. This rule does not apply to children under 4 years of age, people who have breathing problems and people who cannot put on or take off their face cover because of health reasons.
  9. Limits have been set for people who are simultaneously present at individual exhibitions. Visitors above the limits will not be allowed to enter the exhibitions until the number of people present decreases.
  10. Each Visitor is obliged to keep a distance of 2 meters from other people.
  11. There may be 1 person at the ticket office. This number can be increased in the case of: members of one household who live together; disabled persons accompanied by one guardian.
  12. It is recommended to make cashless payments at the cash register.
  13. Follow the information about the rules of moving inside the Museum.
  14. One-way movement is introduced on the staircases.
  15. For visitors to exhibitions, the preferred form of moving between levels inside the building is stairs rather than the lift.
  16. For Café Museum customers, the preferred form of moving between the café and the exit is the lift.
  17. Two people can use the lift at a time. This number can be increased in the case of: members of one household who live together; disabled persons accompanied by one guardian.
  18. Do not touch the door handles, handrails or seats without need.
  19. The toilet is available on the 5th floor.
  20. The cloakroom and lockers are closed.
  21. The Beautiful Tube on the 1st floor is open only for educational activities organized by MWW.
  22. Instructions of the institution’s employees must be followed.