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‘PHASE CURVE’ 26.09.12 Start: 26.9.2012 (środa), godz. 19 Start on: 26.9.2012 (Wednesday), 7PM

Don’t straighten the curved! Don’t straighten the bent! Don’t straighten the confused! Curve your mouth in a smile! There’s pressure, oppression – there is resistance. Let the curves explode with all possible options. You cannot define, measure, describe or classify them.

Who is the artist? Everyone! What is the art? Everything! Where is politics? Everywhere! What’s private is political. Body is political. Bandy legs, lopsided spine, curvy fingerprints. Honestly but ironically. Game of seriousness. Bending space. Discussion. What is queer art? How does non-prescriptivism enter the space it has been excluded from? Ideas, concepts, brainstorms, planning collective creative activity.

Participate. Come and join us!

The meeting is a part of Q Alternatywie Festival –

Prowadzenie Leading: Marzena Lizurej Published on:17.09.12 Share: Facebook, Twitter
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