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MEETING WITH THE AUTHOR OF ‘A TOWER OF JOY’ — MARIA BERNY 27.10.11 Spotkanie: 27.10.11, godz. 18.30 Meeting: 27.10.11, 6.30PM

Wrocław Contemporary Museum and ATUT Publishing House kindly invite you to the meeting with Maria Berny.

A long-term work in education and with cultural institutions is the main theme of the book ‘A Tower of Joy’. Despite having performed many duties and worked in various positions, the author always emphasizes that she is a Pedagogue by profession. For Maria Berny, 1970s and 80s mark a significant time, a certain tower of joy. It was then, when she held the position of Director of the Office of Art Exhibitions (Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych), would organize exhibitions, meet artists and actively participate in the cultural life of Wrocław. During the meeting, the author will be talking about the work on her book and the events of those years.

‘Everything I described had really taken place. Perhaps others saw those facts differently, yet everyone has their right to describe their life on their own terms, look at it with their own eyes’.

Maria Berny

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Maria Berny (ur. 1932 w Trościance na Wołyniu) — polityk, działacz kultury. W 1970 roku ukończyła pedagogikę na Wydziale Filozoficzno-Historycznym Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego. W latach 1967—1974 kierowała Klubem Międzynarodowej Prasy i Książki we Wrocławiu. W latach 1975—1982 pełniła funkcję dyrektora wrocławskiego Biura Wystaw Artystycznych. Była radną sejmiku dolnośląskiego (1998—2001) oraz senatorem III i V kadencji. Maria Berny (b. 1932 in Troscianka) — a politician and officer of numerous public cultural services. In 1970 she graduated in Pedagogy from the University of Wrocław. From 1967 to 1974 she was a manager of a Club of International Press and Books in Wrocław. Between 1975—1982 she was the director of BWA gallery in Wrocław.
A councilor of Lower Silesian Regional Assembly (1998—2001), she also served as a Senator of III and V terms of the Polish Parliament.
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