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STADIUM-CITY-CULTURE. PRESENTATION OF THE RESEARCH REPORT 31.05.12 Start: 31.5.12 (czwartek), godz. 18 Start on: 31.5.2012 (Thursday), 6PM

“Stadium – City – Culture. EURO 2012 and changes of Polish culture” is a 3-
year research program conducted by an interdisciplinary team of Research Institute of
Public Space within the Observatory of Culture program of National Centre for Culture
and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The research goal is to carry out a
multidimensional analysis of the influence of the European Football Championship Euro
2012 on Polish culture, including the changes in the public space, the process of organising
communal capital, the prospect of civilisation changes and the methods of constructing the

urban, local and national identity facing the space and sport symbolic.

Euro is a unique event in Polish history and at the same time a revolutionary one in
many civilisation measures (connected to building stadiums, the whole background and
infrastructure), and – what is equally important – in mental measures. Building the Euro 2012
objects gives opportunity to creating projects of a city culture, that extend the field of pure
sport, therefore it is the opportunity for reflection on the role of public space in metropolitan
life and the ways for practical usage of this space, which means using the sphere of culture.

We suggest discussing the following subjects during the meeting introducing the report that is
the first part of the research:
-two visions of Polish culture promotion during Euro 2012, i.e. a) pop-culture, and b) high
– expectations, attitudes and values that accompany the championship and related to it
changes in public space,
– stadiums as cultural epicentres,
– Euro 2012 versus identity discourses.

Kurator Curator Bartek Lis Published on:8.07.12 Share: Facebook, Twitter
dr Piotr Majewski – socjolog i kulturoznawca, pracownik Instytutu Badań Przestrzeni Publicznej w
Warszawie, wykładowca w Szkole Wyższej Psychologii Społecznej w Warszawie. Ukończył studia
doktoranckie w Instytucie Slawistyki PAN. Stypendysta Prezesa Polskiej Akademii Nauk (2008-2011).

mgr Karolina Thel – politolożka w zakresie polityki społecznej, specjalistka gospodarki przestrzennej,
absolwentka Instytutu Polityki Społecznej oraz Centrum Europejskich Studiów Regionalnych i
Lokalnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. Była na stypendium w Carleton Univeristy w Ottawie.
Doktorantka w Instytucie Politologii Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego. Asystentka
na Wydziale Zarządzania Kulturą Wizualną warszawskiej ASP, członkini zespołu Instytutu Badań
Przestrzeni Publicznej.
Dr. Piotr Majewski - a sociologist and cultural studies scholar, works at the Research
Institute of Public Space in Warsaw, lecturer at University of Social Sciences and Humanities
in Warsaw. He received his Ph.D. degree at Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy
of Sciences, a scholar of the Dean of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2008-2011).

Karolina Thel - a political scientist on the field of social politics, land management
specialist, alumna of The Institute of Social Policy and the Centre for European Regional and
Local Studies of the University of Warsaw. A Ph.D. student at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński
University, assistant professor at the faculty of Visual Culture management at the Academy of
Fine Arts in Warsaw, a member of Research Institute of Public Space team.
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