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ANNA GEPPERT — ‘THE DIRECTION OF THE GREAT PARIS’ 21.03.12 Start: 21.3.12 (środa), godz. 18

“The Direction of the Great Paris. Studying the History of Modern European Metropolis”
The lecture by prof. Anna Geppert

In 2007 the president of France initiated a project named Great Paris. The goal of this project is to create new, ambitious plans regarding the development of this metropolis. Respected architects and urban planners have presented their concepts. A plan for metropolitan transport development has been created. However, the plans of the government cause much controversy – for example, the self-governments of the municipalities surrounding Paris are afraid of losing their position. Anna Geppert will tell us about the currently ongoing discussions and wll try to answer the question “what is the direction of Paris”, whereas we will try to find out what conclusions the citizens of Wrocław could/should draw from this story.

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Prof. Anna Geppert od 2009 r. wykłada planowanie miejskie i regionalne na paryskiej Sorbonie. W latach 2007-2011 była sekretarzem generalnym AESOP – Stowarzyszenia Europejskich Szkół Planowania Przestrzennego. W latach 1996-2009 profesor na uniwersytecie w Reims. Interesuje się strategicznym planowaniem przestrzennym i unijną polityką spójności oraz jej wpływem na miasta. Ekspertka publicznych instytucji francuskich. Absolwentka Sorbony. Prof. Anna Geppert lectures municipal and regional planning at the Paris Sorbonne since 2009. During the 2007-2011 time period she was a general secretary at AESOP - Association of European Schools of Planning. During 1996-2009 time period she was a professor at the Reims University. She is interested, among others, in strategic spatial planning and the European Cohesion Policy as well as its influence on metropolises. She is the expert of French public institutions. Sorbonne graduate. fot. Adam Ciach photo: Adam Ciach
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