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Labor and relations, or how to go outside. Parkour at Wrocław Contemporary Museum 16.03.17 (czwartek), godz. 18, Beautiful Tube, wstęp bezpłatny (Thursday), 6 PM, Beautiful Tube, free admission

16.3.2017 (Thursday), 6 PM, Beautiful Tube
Labor and relations, or how to go outside. Parkour at Wrocław Contemporary Museum
Jakub Adamowski’s presentation about the social context of parkour.

18–19.03.2017 (Saturday, Sunday)
Labor and relations, or how to go outside. Workshops with Jakub Adamowski
Parkour workshops in Szczepin (around the ramp near MWW). More details on the museum’s website. Prior enrolment required (by 17.3.17) –, limited enrolment.

The project titled “Labor and relations” consists of a presentation and workshops focusing on parkour in the social context. We are all more or less aware of what parkour is – we have seen it on YouTube or Facebook, in music videos or commercials. But is it the full picture of the discipline?

As contemporary people, do we ever wonder about our true potential? How to discover it? Who wants to stop us and why should we fight for what we are entitled to? What is physicality? What is movement? What differentiates parkour from other movement-based disciplines and arts, and what should we bear in mind while discussing this subject?

The presentation is intended to stimulate the participants’ imagination so that they will be able to answer these questions on their own. Just like the old masters of the martial arts, today’s masters of movement follow a concrete philosophy. In the case of parkour, it is the motto “Be strong to be useful.” What does it mean exactly? And why is it manifested in a way that is simultaneously difficult and uncomplicated? How to improve your own effectiveness and use obstacles to your advantage? What does the word “warrior” mean today?

The presentation and the workshops are inscribed in the subject of the exhibition that is shown at Wrocław Contemporary Museum until 27 March. They refer to Piotr Wysocki’s and Dominik Jałowiński’s work entitled “Run Free”, which consists of a video depicting a workshop attended by parkour enthusiasts from Radom and police officers. The artists also uses the work to refer to the events in Radom in 1976, when a workers’ protest against an increase of food prices in Poland was brutally quenched.

About Jakub Adamowski:
Jakub Adamowski has been connected with the world of parkour in Poland and Europe for twelve years. He has always been interested in anatomy and developing human potential. A rebel who always prefers to go against the current, he graduated from the “13” stunt school. He also has a self-defense instructor’s license and the blue belt in Philippine Combat Kalaki. As of now, he is the only instructor of parkour in Poland who has the ADAPT coaching qualification at Level 2. He is associated with and trained by Parkour Generations, the world’s biggest organisation specialising in parkour coaching services and providing schools, institutions and individuals with solutions in the field of physical culture. He is also the head of the PARKOUR :education project, which focuses on promoting a professional image of the discipline in Poland and professional teaching of parkour. He cooperates with many organisations in Poland and elsewhere.

Kurator projektów społecznych Curator of Public Programme Bartek Lis Published on:1.03.17 Share: Facebook, Twitter
Wydarzenie towarzyszące wystawie "Stosunki pracy. Z międzynarodowej kolekcji sztuki współczesnej Muzeum Współczesnego Wrocław" Event accompanying the "Labor Relations. From the International Contemporary Art Collection of Wrocław Contemporary Museum" exhibition fot. Video Royal photo by Video Royal
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