We kindly invite you to attend on September 19, at 3 and 4 pm a curatorial tours around the Glare exhibition by the curator Joanna Kobyłt and the artist Kama Sokolnicka.
Limited number of participants. Registration is required (untli 17.09, 3.00 pm) via the application form (pl), link.

During the meeting, the rules resulting from the pandemic apply, link.
Glare is the title of Kama Sokolnicka’s most recent project created specifically for the austere space of the air raid shelter housing Wrocław Contemporary Museum. The arrangement of the exhibition in a building devoid of natural light will consist of new objects and installations focused around the concept of glare and reflected light, including in the broad context of the influence of solar energy on life on Earth.

Kama Sokolnicka’s creative practice is based on editing as a conceptual process. The artist’s works are semantic constellations linking selected points; following them provokes further associations and references. Multilevel narratives and meanings, full of references to each other, add up to create a visual essay on the importance of light not only as a natural human need, but also as a crucial aspect of Earth’s future in the context of the climate emergency. Through her reserved and formally diverse works, the artist carefully observes the scale and impact of human activity on Earth, making references to social psychology and subjective functioning.
More information about the exhibition, link.