We kindly invite you to attend on December 19, at 3 pm a tour around the What after / What for exhibition by the curator Jagoda Łagiewska and the artists Andrzej Kosowski, Weronika Lucińska and Monika Polak.

Limited number of participants. Registration is required (until 17.12) via the application form (pl), link.
The pandemic rules apply during the tours. Link to the page with recommendations for visitors.
A journey between the visible and verifiable and the abstract and unknown. Using art to pose questions about the purposefulness of creating works in the context of the uncertain existence of the world. Do we have any influence on Earth’s future? What will remain after us? What are we creating for? We are facing a great infinite space, which may be daunting. Starting from the philosophical and ephemeral works by Andrzej Kossowski, Zygmunt Rytka’s reflective photographs, the vision of a paradise on Earth emerging from Julia Curyło’s cosmic vision, to the multiple forms of artificial polymers by Monika Polak, Andrzej Klimczak-Dobrzaniecki’s memory lab, Weronika Lucińska’s porcelain stories about the wonders of water, Zofia Martin’s tiny poetic and precious organisms, to a synthetic Moon – or perhaps Earth? – a vision of the future in which we are no longer there, but in which we will have left our mark, we invite you to an art-story illustrating the search for a synthetic understanding of the nature of the world.

Logotyp, na białym tle z lewej strony zarys godła Polski - orła w koronie. Po prawej stronie napis Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego
The purchase of works for the collection of the Zachęta Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts was co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund. Name of the task: Development of a regional collection of contemporary art in Wrocław in 2021

Logo Wrocław Miasto Spotkań. Na białym tle czarna podłużna ramka. W niej z lewej strony na czarnym tle białe słowo „Wrocław”, a po prawej stronie na białym tle czarny napis „miasto spotkań”.
The public task called PROMOTION OF THE CULTURE OF WROCŁAW THROUGH THE DEVELOPMENT OF A REGIONAL COLLECTION OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN WROCŁAW IN 2021 is co-financed from the funds received from the Municipality of Wrocław

Logotyp Dolnośląskiego Towarzystwa Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych. Na białym tle, po środku czarna kreska przebiegająca od góry do dołu. Z lewej strony z kreską styka się przekrzywiony czarny kwadrat. Z prawej strony napis małymi literami w czterech rzędach „dolnośląskie towarzystwo zachęty sztuk pięknych”