We invite you to a non-curator-led, subjective tour of the exhibition “Black Spring. On Wrocław’s Independent Music Scene of the 1980s.”
We will visit the exhibition with Hubert Kostkiewicz, a social and cultural activist, journalist and musician.
“The exhibition titled Black Spring. On Wrocław’s Independent Music Scene of the 1980s is devoted to the emotions triggered by living under repressive conditions determined by the socio-political system. Although resulting from anxiety, these emotions also expressed attempts to look for individual potential in confronting the reality. Set in the 1980s, the starting point for the presentation is music made in Wrocław.
The local music scene at that time was heterogeneous. Although its origins date back to the late 1970s, when the first punk-rock bands were set up, the greatest variety of styles (punk, reggae, new wave), experiments and actions combining music and art emerged in the following decade. It was then, at the intersection of genres, that a creative tumult gave rise to a broader alternative milieu that characterised the late communist period in Poland.”
/From the description of the exhibition/