How do we look at a city? How do we dive into urban microcosmoses, those exotic, far from Europe, and those that seemingly are deprived of rareness?

The lecturers of the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Wrocław will debate on these questions: Jacek Grębowiec – a specialist on the research of humanistic aspects of urban spaces; Bartosz Jastrzębski and Jędrzej Morawiecki – the authors of Krasnojarsk Zero, recently published by the Sic! publishing house.
They will tell how escaping to taiga is being changed into the pioneering spirit of building the City of The Sun. They will also talk about their journey through the macrocosm of a post-soviet, closed till recently city – grey and concrete, seemingly a Nothing-City, Zero-City, a city with no quality. They will talk about sailing through the reality – industrial, old and lacking aesthetic appeal, and about the journey to housing estates in search of the Absolute.

They will also talk about the attempts at defining a city scientifically: the urban space is now discussed within the realm of philosophy and cultural anthropology, either by drawing Geilles Deleuze’s motif of “folding” in architecture, or by describing, after Walter Benjamin, the symbolic structure of urbanized labyrinth.

This is how the urban space can and should be discussed. This is what should be emphasized, no matter what and where the city we talk about is.