An entire generation of Wrocław neo-avant-garde artists unanimously point to Alfons Mazurkiewicz’s studio as the most important place for their actual artistic development to happen. And what does artistic education offer at a time after the crisis of authority?

During the meeting with prof. dr hab. Marek Wasilewski (University of Arts in Poznań), dr hab. Agata Zbylut (Academy of Art in Szczecin) and mgr Kinga Bartniak (Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław) we will look at the experience of being at different levels of Polish academies of art and think about the possibilities offered by these structures and the restrictions inscribed in them.

Moderator: Zofia Reznik.
Selected events in January are dedicated to the memory of Andrzej Jarosz – Director of Wrocław Contemporary Museum, historian, critic and art theorist. Andrzej Jarosz died suddenly on 10 December 2019 at the age of 47. Alfons Mazurkiewicz was his favourite artist, and the exhibition Me and my Art are Art – his last curatorial project.