“The Anatomy of Tower Blocks” is a cycle of meetings organised by Wrocław Contemporary Museum that will concern issues connected with slab block high-rise housing. During the meetings we will think about what Polish high-rise housing estates are like; whether the negative stereotypes associated with them influence the quality of life and experiences connected with living “in the blocks”; whether it is possible to change their social perception. The subsequent meetings will focus on the scale of an entire city, a housing estate, and an individual building. Our focus will shift from aspects pertaining to the society as such toward the interests of individuals who live in these housing estates.

The whole cycle will focus on the human being in architecture, and for this reason it has been personified. “The Anatomy of Tower Blocks” will enable us to scan the building in-depth, understand their DNA and the processes occurring in them. The digestive, respiratory, vascular and nervous systems will serve as our metaphorical points of reference.

The DNA of the tower block – 29 January 2015

Forty percent of Poles live in high-rise housing. How has it influenced us? Has it changed our customs and habits? How does its situation impact on the city and its structure? Are high-rise housing estates synonymous with spaces of exclusion? Has the process of suburbanisation been triggered by being tired of living in the “concrete city”? We will think about the answers to these questions, and to many others, with an interdisciplinary group of guests:

– Iwona Borowik – urban sociologist
– Piotr Szymański – planner, scholarship holder from several western universities; PhD student of Spatial Planning at Wrocław University of Technology, supervised by Professor Zipser
– Agata Gabiś – art historian, interested in architecture of the People’s Republic of Poland, especially high-rise housing
Curator – Tomasz Bojęć (blokblog.pl)