For at least forty years Poland has been the area of discussion on the need for building yet another of institutions the basic aim of which is to collect, exhibit and promote contemporary art. During a few years some new places have emerged, some of which has been organized in temporary premises what lets us believe that this not so new idea gains social trust and has a real opportunity to be realized. In this way we can count that soon there will appear a few completely new art collections in our country, and, what follows, financial means aimed at it will be heighten. Does it really suit everyone?

Although the time passes, public collections still seem problematic. Whom and what purpose do they serve? How does a Smith benefit from it? Where should we store and exhibit gathered works? Isn’t buying the works to collections a form of financial aid for the artists, whose professional status is very uncertain? Who really makes decisions about buying? Art officials or professionals of this market? What criteria do they follow?

We invited to talk about the currently exposed in MWW collection of Lower Silesian Zachęta exceptional curators and art critics – Anda Rottenberg, Monika Szewczyk and Piotr Krajewski. Our guest for many years have worked with the idea of collecting art in public collections. Their choices, often criticised and widely discussed, have shaped a few of the most interesting and consistent collections of contemporary art.