How to capture the unspeakable? How to turn photographs into a mirror reflecting previously unseen meanings? How can photographs fill in the poignant feeling of emptiness and loss?

The leitmotif of Katarzyna Ramocka’s practice is her relationship with her mother. In her most recent project, the young photographer delves into the world of emotions, dreams and longing. She weaves an intimate story based on subtle gestures, symbols and the understated. Her heroines are constantly trying to bring back a lost time while dreaming of intimacy, yet they “don’t regret they weren’t here before.”

We invite you to take part in a conversation about growing up, memory and relationships between women.

The meeting with the artist will be led by Daniel Filipek.
Katarzyna Ramocka was born in 1992 in Janów Lubelski. She graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań and the AFA Wrocław School of Photography. In her work she focuses on memory and family. She also uses archival materials to explore memory. Her projects are personal. By means of photography she shows intimacy, feelings, emotions, interpersonal relationships and her own experiences. She likes to look at the work of new topographers and their beautiful, documentary landscapes.

Daniel Filipek is a visual artist, journalist and an independent curator. He graduated in Cultural Studies from the University of Wrocław and in Photography from the Creative Arts Centre in Wrocław. He runs Prześwietlenia – a monthly series of meetings devoted to the most recent phenomena in young Polish photography.

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