Unexpectedly, the closing of the exhibition of Alfons Mazurkiewicz’s works also became a farewell to its curator – Andrzej Jarosz, director of Wrocław Contemporary Museum, historian, critic and art theoretician. Andrzej Jarosz died suddenly on 10 December 2019 at the age of 47. Alfons Mazurkiewicz was his favourite artist (he dedicated his doctoral dissertation to him), and the exhibition Me and My Art are Art became his last curatorial project.

Young neo-avant-garde artists, talented painters and filmmakers graduated from Mazurkiewicz’s studio. Mazurkiewicz as a teacher preferred free creation and encouraged students to experiment without constraints.

The meeting will be attended by both graduates of Alfons Mazurkiewicz’s famous studio – who have become outstanding artists today, as well as artists and friends of Andrzej Jarosz. It is the love of art that brought Mazurkiewicz and Jarosz together, so we will try to recall each of these personalities through art.

Memories will be shared by: Dobrosław Bagiński, Piotr Błażejewski, Anna Bolcewicz, Katarzyna Chierowska, Andrzej Klimczak-Dobrzaniecki, Anna Kutera, Krystyna Kutyna (obecnie Bagińska), Witold Liszkowski, Zdzisław Nitka, Jan Pożarski, Andrzej Sapija, Anna Szpakowska-Kujawska, Ewa Zarzycka, Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz.

Moderator: Waldemar Okoń.