Agnieszka Kłos’s guests will be Natalia Sarata and Ewa Furgał.

The contemporary traveler often faces a difficult choice: either to possess vast but shallow knowledge, or to specialize in one area. The traveler believes in the power of recommendation and first-hand experience. It is a well-known fact that compendia of knowledge about places quickly become outdated – this is why a living human being is necessary. Consequently, it is thought that being able to give a personal touch to the conveyed knowledge is indispensable for good guides.

The question whether a guidebook for women is needed in Wrocław, and if so – by whom? – was posed by Agnieszka Kłos, the initiator and leader of the first herstory guidebook to Wrocław and Breslau, a long time ago. Today, the co-authors of the City of Women guidebook (>>>) want the publication to comprise not just stories connected with the history of women, but first and foremost – to draw on the history of the feminine perception of reality, also by men.
The meeting will focus on the idea of women’s guidebooks and herstory as an auxiliary science in telling the story of places, cities and people. The guests will be the leaders and initiators of the first herstory guidebook to Cracow, who are currently carrying out a national project following the traces of women in Polish towns and villages.