We invite you to a meeting with Zofia Krawiec, author of the book “Love Performance”.

Love Performances are works of art made by artists especially for the person they love. They are an expression of intensive feelings. A kind of intimate correspondence addressed to the loved one. Love Performances are intimate gestures intended to strengthen the relationship, dedicated to just one person. Perhaps only the addressee is capable of fully comprehending them. These works are rarely created with the intention of showing them in public. They follow their own logic, not calculation. A logic of emotions. These are not artworks whose subject is love but actors participating in the life of a relationship, as everyday gestures, declarations of love, or witnesses to the breakup. Made in different phases of the relationship, they express love, frustrations connected with it, suffering resulting from breaking up, etc. Love Performances can be made in different mediums. Usually they exceed the framework of a single artwork because they are parts of the practice of love, exemplifying how art accompanies life. Sometimes they last longer that the relationship of the lovers. Once the relationship is over, they begin autonomous existence, independent from the relationship that inspired their conception. By functioning at the intersection of the private and the public, Love Performances also reflect the socio-political context in which they were made. (…)

Zofia Krawiec is a curator, art critic and Instagram user. Author of the book “Love Performance” and curator of an exhibition under the same title. A cultural journalist whose texts are published in Wysokie Obcasy, dwutygodnik.com, the Szum magazine and –D Polska. She co-curated the exhibition “140 heartbeats a minute”, which was presented by the Museum of Modern art at the Open’er festival.