The nearest East. A meeting revolving around the book “Jutro spadną gromy” [“Thunders will fall tomorrow”] by Bartosz Jastrzębski, Jędrzej Morawiecki and Maciej Skawiński.

Does the world consist exclusively of the rational layer? Or maybe ghosts and mysticism are its part and parcel, which are accessible only to very few – shamans and witches? “Jutro spadną gromy” is a tale in which the authors face the myth of the miraculousness of the region of Podlasie. Is it really a gate, or a keyhole, through which we can see the mysterious soul of the East?

This is not a land as we know it from the film “U Pana Boga za piecem”. Podlasie in the film is as real as Canada in “Anne of Green Gables”. Beyond doubt, there are some God-fearing families who spend most of their time sitting in the garden and sipping coffee. At the same time, however, others are going to work in the field while somebody has just been chopped with an axe, and his body is still there.
(book excerpt)

The meeting with the authors – Bartosz Jastrzębski, Jędrzej Morawiecki and Maciej Skawiński – will be moderated by Joanna Morawiecka.