Zuza Golińska is an artist focused on studying the relationships between man, public space and architecture. In her two most recent projects, Suns and Red Giant, she addresses the looming climate catastrophe.

The starting point for the conversation with the artist will be provided by the Red Giant exhibition, presented at Wrocław Contemporary Museum until March. During the meeting, we will follow the evolution of Zuza Golińska’s practice, with particular emphasis on the relationship between architecture and the body as well as some interesting phenomena in the area of contemporary sculpture, including the burning problem of the climate catastrophe.

The conversation with the artist will be led by Dr Agata Araszkiewicz, a feminist, doctor of humanities at the Center d’Etudes Féminines et du Genre at Paris 8. She writes about literature, culture and art. She has published Zuzanna Ginczanka’s biography titled Wypowiadam wam moje życie. Melancholia Zuzanny Ginczanki, as well as the collection of essays Nawiedzani przez dym and the book Zapomniana rewolucja. Rozkwit kobiecego pisania w dwudziestoleciu międzywojennym on Polish female writers in the interwar period.
The event accompanies the Red Giant exhibition. More information about the exhibition >>>